Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dragon Lord by Kaitlyn O'Connor

Dragon Lord
by Kaitlyn O'Connor
Published: New Concept Publishing
Length: 411 pages
ISBN #: 978-1-60394-008-5
Paranormal Romance

I decided to just trust that if so many other people liked Mrs. O'Connors work that I should too. She has been known for her menage stories, with multiple partners and she writes many novel length erotica stories. Which is unusual in this genre. So I am hoping she has a little more to her stories than the typical do me again baby, and doesn't use sex just as a filler, but makes it meaningful.

This is Raina's first stint as a housekeeper, and she isn't sure she likes all the rules or the odd people that live in the mansion. There is a mystery around everyone but especially Mr. Simon Draken. Well we have quite a bit of backstory dumping as his brother Audric tells us what a tortured soul that Simon Draken is, but it works to establish why he deserves to have a beautiful woman dumped in his lap. Although isn't it funny that Raina has no idea she was hired for her sex appeal?

Poor thing.

Hmm...I am also not sure whether I should be spelling her name like Raina or Riana--as I saw it both ways in the story... However I am guessing it is Raina since I saw it more that way.

Then we have the usual alpha males fighting over the buxom woman who doesn't even know she is beautiful. There were fun scenes in here, the water pipes breaking and the situations set up were interesting, overall I still enjoyed the story--but I didn't feel like it was ready to publish in it's current condition. I hope the print book is in better shape than the ebook.

3 stars

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