Monday, September 10, 2007

Blind Devotion by Lucynda Storey

Blind Devotion
By Lucynda Storey
Publisher Aspen Mountain Press
Length: 193 pages
Fantasy Romance

Azari our heroine who has unwittingly awakened two mythical beasts that seems determined to find her and hunt her down. She runs as fast and as far as she can and hides in a cabin in the woods which belongs to our hero Tor.

Tor is a preist who is on a retreat from the rest of the world. He is surprised when he encounters the girl hurt and bleeding in his sanctuary. He tells her that the dragon and cevere will chase her down until they find her, knowing she is the virgin they had scented, and when they are through, she will neither be a virgin or living when they are done.

Now why does the dragon have to be evil? Sure it chases innocent young virgins, but they are so yummy to eat, how can he possibly help himself? Silly virgins wandering alone in the woods deserve to be eaten... Just kidding, but certainly a virgin would know what kind of sacrifice she would have to make to stop being chased, and being the most handy man around, it looks like Tor is perfect for the job of removing her maidenhead--until he opens his mouth. Then both people realize how difficult it will be to get along with each other. She is independent and has a sharp tongue that cuts, and he is a high preist who is used to being refused nothing. How can people so opposite possibly get along? It also unfolds that it's not quite as simple as taking Azari's virginity, because the beasts won't stop hunting Azari until she is dead or they are.

Well this was fun to read, a book full of sorcery, mythical beasts, enchanted rings, and destinies intertwined. A fantasy world lined with erotic and romantic notions. It was laughable at times and yet had some tension between the characters which I really like to see in a romance. Lucynda Storey has an exceptional skill in world building, making you feel as if this time and place are real. Blind Devotion was well worth reading.

5 stars

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