Saturday, January 29, 2011

Master of Smoke by Angela Knight

Master of Smoke
by Angela Knight
Berkely Books
Price $5.99
Urban Fantasy
Released January 4, 2011

Eva Roman co-owns a comic book store with her father, but she’s not your typical retailer – she’s a werewolf who had survived a brutal attack. So when she finds a man being tormented by another werewolf, she steps in to save the handsome Sidhe warrior. Unfortunately, the warrior has no memory of who he is or how to use his incredible powers. And he doesn’t know why teams of werewolf assassins are hot on his trail, but he and Eva must figure it out – or die.


Master of Smoke was well planned and executed by a Master Story teller. All I can say here is go team Fluffy! The attraction between the characters is cataclysmic and the characters seem to just come alive with the deep point of view. The universe Angela Knight created is filled with magic, poignant emotion and characters that feel real enough to leap off the page.

Although this story has a romance at it's heart, I wouldn't recommend it to just women. There is enough action and combat scenes to keep every man happy right alongside the chicks. Angela Knight knows what the market wants to read and I hope to read many more of her books in the near future.

5 Stars

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