Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lions and Lace by Meggan McKinney

Lions and Lace
by Meggan McKinney
Island Books
Historical Romance
Price $4.99
First Published 1992

Alana Van Alen has a good name in society and used to have money before Trevor Sheridan an Irish outsider vowed to take revenge on society and bankrupted them all. He couldn't bear to see the sadness in his sister's heart when no one attended her coming out party, because she was both Irish and an outsider.

Sheridan had learned early how to get the wealth and the women he wanted. An expert at games of power he played one that would destroy every famous family that snubbed him. Tricking the beautiful Alana into marrying him was his trump card


I felt the need to explore some of the old classic historical romances since I haven't seen too many lately. During the nineties readers coldn't get enough of them and publishers were begging for them so I found this one in a used bookstore and decided to take my chances. This book was good for it's time but my expectations are higher now. Constant point of view changes are distracting and it's hard to get into the story when it's written in a passive tense. I also think most of the conflict felt contrived, and forced. Miscommunication that could have been cleared up with a blunt conversation. I didn't enjoy the book as much as I could have. The basic storyline was okay but I didn't feel it was carried out well by the writer. So I just have to give a lowr rating this time.

2 Stars

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