Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pure Magic by Anne Sorgeson

Just to get the new FTC regulations out of the way, I did receive a free copy from the author to review the book.

Pure Magic
be Anne Sorgeson
Red Rose Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60435-175-0
length 47 pages


Is there more than magic in the air?

Cassie and Harold have worked together for a long time. Hearing about a great opportunity to do a nude magic show, Harold is all for it but knows that Cassie will need to be too.

Cassie has kept her feelings to herself for so long, now she finally sees her chance to let him know how she really feels but will she regret it or will it be Pure Magic?

My opinion might be a little prejudiced because I am not overly fond of the "we were friends forever but we suddenly turn lovers books". This story has a cute premise, and the two main characters are to perform naked together in a magic act, but it still left a few unanswered questions for me. Why would they suddenly begin to kiss all the time if they never had before? Two naked people not having sex until the end of the book felt like there was tension trying to be added that just wasn't really there. It just felt unnatural. Anne Sorgeson was at times funny and the idea of the magic being real was rather cool, but the relationship of the characters left me flat. Even the tension between the sisters kind of just fizzled. The conflict was resolved without anything happening.

This rated three stars:

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