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Hungry for Your Love by Various Ravenous Romance authors

by Ravenous Romance Authors
Published by Ravenous Romance
Retail Price $6.99/ $4.99 on the publisher website
ISBN-13: 978-1-60777-308-5

Okay, I have to admit my curiosity was piqued when Lori Perkins the editor of HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE approached me to do a book review. (Yes that means I got a free copy so I could review the book, now that the FTC disclosure is out of the way, I can tell what I thought about it.) I was absolutle dumbstruck. An entire anthology of zombie romances? What's sexy about dead people? Oh wait, there's an entire sub-industry of vampire romances aren't there? Okay, I had to check it out and I was pleasantly surprised.

Anthologies are tricky to review because sometimes you don't enjoy every story the same. One may leave you with better vibes than others so I'm going to try to say a little something about most of the individual stories. Some I left out or this would be an unusually long review.

Romance Ain’t Dead by Jeremy Wagner--A first person recollection of a husband that brought his dead wife back to life after drowning in Lake Michigan. Cute and sweet in a slightly morbid way.

Revanants Anonymous by Francesca Lia Block--This one leans more towards the horror side of the spectrum. It opens in a meeting for flesh eating zombies who want to connect with what's left of their human side. This one showed the main characters connecting really well.

I Heart Brains by Jaime Saare--This was like reading something out of the Twilight Zone. A man needs to buy a new body since catching the zombie virus. He finds one that will work, but he has to meet the wife of the deceased as a stipulation to buying it. I feel like I missed out on something to miss nine months and then have a glimpse of the relationship at the 'I love you' stage.

Everyone I Love is Dead by Elizabeth Coldwell--Elizabeth has integrated the undead with the living and they have jobs and eat animal body parts so they don't have to eat human brains. Mark comes back after being dead four years and dates the woman he used to love. It was enjoyable and kind of sweet in a morbid way.

Through Death to Love by S.M. Cross--This starts out in a speech therapy session for zombies but does turn into a date.

Later by Michael Marshall Smith--The hero loses his girlfriend suddenly in an accident but is able to bring her back later. It's written using telling and not showing in some places and I was disappointed in the ending, but this story does overcome death sharing just how much the hero loves his woman.

Overall, this was a good read. It may have been started on a double dog dare, but HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE was good enough to start a cult following. I can see zombies being the new vampires of romance. Which is good, because I was getting a little tired of fangs.

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