Monday, August 24, 2009

Sex Games by Natalie Acres

Sex Games
Series: Cowboy Sex 2
Natalie Acres
By Natalie Acres
Siren Publishing
Novel length
Heat 5 cherries

Vick Little is having a hard time settling down for one man in this book. She has the hots for not one, not two, but three men, and when they turn out to be brothers, she is as surprised as anyone.

This is the second in a series so you get to revisit old favorites and meet some new ones. A few cays were killed in the making of this book. The combined sex and the threat to the characters made this a really hot read and oh yeah, the sex was good too.

Natalie Acres made this menage romance look easy, when not all writers are able to make the relationships between the characters feel so natural.

5 stars

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Natalie Acres Romance Author said...

Thank you so for reviewing Sex Games, a Siren Ménage and More title. I wanted to drop by and let you know Sex Camp is coming to Siren Publishing on Monday, October 26th.

I’m enjoying your blog and will drop by again soon.

Cowboy Sex and Romance,
Natalie Acres