Friday, February 27, 2009

Deadly I llusions by Chester D. Cambell

Deady Illusions
A Greg McKenzie Mystery
By Chester D. Campbell
Published by Durban House Books
Price $12.95

While I don’t usually read first person stories, let alone mysteries, I enjoyed this one. It’s one of a series of books about a married retired couple working as a pair of gumshoe detectives. Stumbling on mysteries and solving murders. Just like in real life then have more than one case they are solving at the same time. Some more important than others.

Molly Saint hires the detective agency to find out more about her husband and then mysteriously disappears. Not soon after, Greg is drawn into the murder of the Federal Reserve Board Chairman.

What I really found fun to read was the detailed snippets about Nashville. The author is local and sets the book here. It was packed full of fun tidbits that allowed me to travel to those places without leaving my armchair.

5 stars

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