Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

This was a fantastic read.

I have to admit I wasn't enthusiastic as I should have been when I started reading this one. All I could think of was, what another vampire book? How long are we going to be on this vampire trend anyway?

But the author really surprised me. It was like visitng another world. A supernatural place where magic still existed alongside of my own mundane reality. It was not filled with graphic violence, or sex and it still managed to keep my attention by giving me insightful new details about the undead race.

When you read this book you will see what the big is all about and exactly why they made a new movie. The glittery thing kind of threw me, but it does explain a lot of things, like why we don't see vampires during the day. The level of emotion between the characters is intense and the dialogue is fabulously realistic. Whis lends itself to being a movie even easier.

All I want for Christmas is Edward. Yummy!

5 Stars

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