Friday, November 21, 2008

Honeysuckle and Wild Roses by Zinnia Hope

Honeysuckle and Wild Roses
By Zinnia Hope
Length: Sensual Novella

Honey is having erotic dreams visited by a devastatingly sexy lover who pushes her into the throes of passion every night, but she doesn’t know who he is and it really doesn’t matter. He is merely a dream lover and she is betrothed to another man whom she does not love, but it will save her family from financial ruin. Honor and loyalty, will make her go through with the marriage despite her heart’s desire.

It is said that the seventh daughter carries a bit of magic in her, and that it is from the blood of the green people in her. The Green man is the last of his kind and wants to replenish his kind. He is attracted by the smell of honeysuckle and wild roses, and flowers that is put off by these special daughters and to protect them, their mothers go through a ritual on their birthday lining the house windows and doors in honeysuckle.

This is an interesting take on a very old fairy tale. Honeysuckle and Wild Roses has fully developed side characters as well as main characters. Which I loved. It made the entire story really come to life. Zinnia Hope keeps the reader guessing, throwing in unexpected twists and turns, until the very end. Although I have to admit the brother thing threw me off a little, she made the entire book a real page turner.

4 Stars

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Available at Freya’s Bower


Ana Lee Kennedy said...

Thank you for a fabulous review, Dirty Girl! Woot!

Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

Read the book and loved it!! Faith has a knack for unexpected twists, turns and cliffhangers. I love her work!!