Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dream by the Fire--Authors from Freya's Bower

Dream by the Fire: Winter Magic
Authors from Freya's Bower

Anthologies are really a nice way to get to know new authors and get to taste of the flavor of an author's work. This is a holiday collection of stories ranging from hot to mild. Something to satisfy everyone in this group of stories.

A Love Rewritten by Esmerelda Bishop--Ever wonder whatit would be like if the romance novel you were reading came to life? Well, I haven't but here it is. Our lucky heroine falls into a story unfolding that she has just read. It was cute, and fun, and short.

Mistletoe Magic by Lanie Fuller--Starts with a forbodeing note, a promise of danger.
Hannah dreams her husband Jacob was hit by a car. This was a sweet romance--and very enjoyable. The story held a certain amount of suspense and left the reader wondering what was going to happen, a good story overall.

High Maintenance by Jamie Hill--A Ski vacation is nearly ruined when Deidre gets in an accident and breaks her leg. Luckily a maintenace man comes to the rescue...It's lust at first sight--ok well they fall in love but you get the picture. A very sweet story and thoroughly enjoyable read.

Einmal nach a Modresnach by Emily Ryan-Davis--The title may be tough to pronounce but this was a great story. The senses come alive with the Christmas magic. This was an interesting tale wove with magic, and wonder and a promise for the future. Emily is a very talented writer and left me wanting more.

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4 Stars

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