Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

This was a fantastic read.

I have to admit I wasn't enthusiastic as I should have been when I started reading this one. All I could think of was, what another vampire book? How long are we going to be on this vampire trend anyway?

But the author really surprised me. It was like visitng another world. A supernatural place where magic still existed alongside of my own mundane reality. It was not filled with graphic violence, or sex and it still managed to keep my attention by giving me insightful new details about the undead race.

When you read this book you will see what the big is all about and exactly why they made a new movie. The glittery thing kind of threw me, but it does explain a lot of things, like why we don't see vampires during the day. The level of emotion between the characters is intense and the dialogue is fabulously realistic. Whis lends itself to being a movie even easier.

All I want for Christmas is Edward. Yummy!

5 Stars

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Honeysuckle and Wild Roses by Zinnia Hope

Honeysuckle and Wild Roses
By Zinnia Hope
Length: Sensual Novella

Honey is having erotic dreams visited by a devastatingly sexy lover who pushes her into the throes of passion every night, but she doesn’t know who he is and it really doesn’t matter. He is merely a dream lover and she is betrothed to another man whom she does not love, but it will save her family from financial ruin. Honor and loyalty, will make her go through with the marriage despite her heart’s desire.

It is said that the seventh daughter carries a bit of magic in her, and that it is from the blood of the green people in her. The Green man is the last of his kind and wants to replenish his kind. He is attracted by the smell of honeysuckle and wild roses, and flowers that is put off by these special daughters and to protect them, their mothers go through a ritual on their birthday lining the house windows and doors in honeysuckle.

This is an interesting take on a very old fairy tale. Honeysuckle and Wild Roses has fully developed side characters as well as main characters. Which I loved. It made the entire story really come to life. Zinnia Hope keeps the reader guessing, throwing in unexpected twists and turns, until the very end. Although I have to admit the brother thing threw me off a little, she made the entire book a real page turner.

4 Stars

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Available at Freya’s Bower

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Celtic Lover's Magic by Lisa Alexander-Griffin

A Celtic Lover’s Magic
By Lisa Alexander-Griffin
Length: Short and sensual
Genre: Paranormal Irish Romance

Liam inherits a run down mansion in the middle of the Irish countryside. Upon his arrival, he realizes everyone has been expecting him and knows his name. A sense of déjà vu hits him in the house, but the most startling of all is the mysterious red haired woman that appeared only to him. After some research he discovers there’s some truth in the old fairy tales and that the sidhe really do exist and one of his long dead ancestors had promised to protect them. If he renews the promise, he will also be granted his heart’s desire.

For an author’s debut single title, this was very good. A Celtic Lover’s Magic was an extremely entertaining story, sweeping you into a world where magic des exist and dreams do come true.

Available December 9, 2008 at

4 Stars

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

One Touch, One Glance

One Touch, One Glance is a collection of sweet romances that is sure to lift your spirits this holiday. The official release date is December 8th, 2008, but I got a sneak peek at this and just had to share. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and there was enough different styles to please everyone. I am not going to grade every story individually but I will tell you a little about all of them and give the entire book an average grade.

5AM on Sunday Morning by Gwen Hayes
Ryan is finally ready to tell Kelsey how he feels about her after being best friends since college. This was a great friends story and as for Ryan, he could play doctor with me any day.

I heard you, You know by M.E. Ellis
What an unusual beginning t a love story, with a heroine who can’t flirt and is arrested for shoplifting. I was wondering where the author was going at first with this one, but it was written with a snarky voice with a cute ending. Very lighthearted and humorous.

New Love by Maryann Miller
Seniors need love too. Love can be even better the second time around in this love story, proving there can still be love in your life after the age of 40. MaryAnn Miller shows us wine isn’t the only thing that gets better with age in this delightful story.

A Ride to Remember by Adelle Lauden
Another grandma love story. I may make fun, but I really like these kinds of stories, because I find the characters have more depth and are more realistic. Adelle Laudan is a very talented romance author that can make even the most hardened biker romantic.

Sweet Tea Maggie by K. Starling
Bed and Breakfast hotels are intimate settings, where romance blossoms, but with a pig farmer? Yes, I was surprised too, but it worked. Mrs. Starling can make anything romantic.

Tuesday’s Affair by Trinity Blacio
Second chances at love are never easy, especially when we are nurturing a broken heart. Trinity Blacio weaves a sweet tale reuniting two lovers from the past.

Lavender Heart by Debbie Gould
Beautiful lavender eyes, hidden behind physical scars. He told her to walk away, but she couldn’t and he couldn’t forget the one woman who saw past his hideous exterior to the colors within. Debbie Gould will make you believe in magic again, with this modern Beauty and the Beast story.

Forever Found by Debbie Gould
A single mom, who had been burned by men in the past found it hard to trust any men. Jason is going against the odds to even try, but he needs to help her believe in love again, if they can ever be happy together. As a soldier, he isn’t one to give up without a fight. This is a fast paced romance, but it is certain to tug at your heartstrings.

Waking Up by Ava James
Waking up is a military romance, with a wounded soldier, who has more than physical pain, his heart needs healing too. Ripping out the catheter would have caused excruciating pain and damage, but after I got over that forgotten detail I has found this a really enjoyable romance. That’s what I get for having a medical background, I can’t read the medical romances not written by someone with experience in that field. Ava James is an extremely talented author and I can’t wait to see what she has planned next. I do love men in uniform.

Under the Christmas Stars by Faith Bicknell Brown
Sometimes we find the wrong guy before we can find Mr. Right. Who needs mistletoe when you have the Christmas stars to kiss under. Faith Bicknell-Brown will chase away the cold on a frigid winter night with this sweet romance. She is a very talented editor and author.

He’s on the Menu by Savannah Chase
Yummy! If he’s on the menu, can I have a bite? Jessie is a waitress that crashes her car into the tour bus of rock star, Ian Knight. Savannah Chase has a real winner here with this modern day love story.

Unexpected Gift by Lisa Alexander-Griffin
A Christmas miracle helps two people with broken hearts to love again after they each suffered devastating losses. I didn’t know it was possible to pack that much action and suspense in such a short story. I hope that Lisa Alexander-Griffin continues to surprise me in her writing, and I look forward to reading more of her work.

Whispers in the Wind by Kensana Darnell
I always love a good cowboy story. Mitch has a painful past he wants to forget. Allison still has a little growing up to do. Love takes patience, trust, and time to build, but it doesn’t hurt to be on a ranch, under the stars, or taking a horse ride out into the country together.

Musician’s Monsoon by Brieanna Robertson
Every artist needs a muse, and Zane finds his music again after seeing a face in the crowd. Sophie didn’t expect to get noticed, but she felt a connection to his music, and felt sorry for him after her cousin assaulted him with her chest, so of course she goes back to his hotel. Musician’s Muse was laugh out loud funny, and one you won’t want to miss.

Little Cowgirl by Nicolette Zamora
Nan and Greg meet up at her party, and her costume is a sexy pink cowgirl number that no one could ignore. It was off to a great start and then a little miscommunication causes a little friction between the couple, but it ends with a sweet phone call and a promise for more.

Forever Guy by Jambrea Jo Jones
Samantha believes she found her forever guy in her longtime friend and childhood crush, Jack. Changing a friendship to a romantic relationship can be touchy and it takes a little bit of work to make a believer out of him.

When Time Stood Still by Kathleen MacIver
Mathew is learning blacksmithing weapons in the Scottish highlands. Rhianna fascinates and intrigues him, but the ending to this story has surprising twist. I loved this story.

Wounded Hearts by Missy Lyons
Healing a broken heart takes time and patience. In this touching story, a little girl finds her voice, and two single parents find the other half of their heart.

This anthology really touched my heart, which is why I am giving it a four star rating. It was an above average read, focusing on the emotion and romance not the physical side of love. So it was very satisfying to read.. Not only do I recommend you buy this for yourself, but also for your loved ones. It’s a romance book that won’t make you blush when you hand it to your mother-in-law. The book is sure to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after you are through reading.

4 Stars

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